Podcast: A Convo With VesBlake

Hi Everyone,

So I know I’ve been neglecting you all but I promise that I haven’t quit blogging. I’ve been busy working on my YouTube Channel, and keeping up with my various commitments. I will be uploading links to all the things I’ve been up to in the next few days.

Guess what? I’m happy to announce that I was the 7th guest on #ConvoWithVesBlake.


A conversation with Ves Blake, the entrepreneur and influencer sits down with amazing people doing amazing things in their industries. We discuss their obstacles and successes along the way. We also get personal and get some great exclusive, engaging and personal stories.

This was my 1st ever podcast experience and I guarantee you it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed talking to VesBlake (it helped that he is the homie lol). Have a listen as I discuss all things LIFE. You get to see a more personal and deeper side to me.

Don’t forget to comment below with any thoughts or questions.


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