Dear Future Husband: I’m Yours

The only kisses that will give me butterflies, are yours

The only touch I will choose to remember, is yours

The only touch that matters, IS YOURS.

I’m sorry that I didn’t manage to save myself for you.

In my youth, my naivety ran ahead of me,

Leading my heart to fall.

My heart broke, so many times,

That’s why I wish I would have waited…

Not because your an ideal, but because you are the PROMISE

You haven’t kissed or touched me yet,

But I vow that when you do,

The intensity of our love and promise shall erase all previous encounters.

I realised quickly that they were pointless in comparison to our future,


You are ALL I will remember,

Your touch will be the only one to truly connect with my soul.

Dear Future Husband,

I hope that you’ll forgive my childish experimentation. I cannot wait for the day that we declare our promise in front of God and man. I am confident that our encounter shall exceed all expectations, because you paid the price for me. You didn’t just buy my body, you bought my mind and soul.


Photo Credit: Ms Tomilola in a Rissi’s Creations Bridesmaid Dress, October 2016


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