She Always Knew

She curved past the dark corners of her mind

It was easier for her to live in ignorant bliss than face her vulnerabilities

She often walks in the dark hoping not to bump into reality

She always knew

Fear overshadowed the path that his words paved

They danced to the beat of his consistency

He embraces her in his purity

They always knew

Silently she whispers for tenderness to take her by the hand

Leading her through the dark, step by step

She realises that safety is found in him

She always knew

In the distance, she envisions an illuminated path

A path that encompasses the beauty of love

She understands peace is found with him

She always knew

He speaks to her fears,

He knows her secrets

She wonders how he sees through her walls

He always knew

Transparency entwined their souls

With delicate hands he handles her mind, body and soul

God truly doesn’t make mistakes

He always knows

Ms Tomilola



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