Porcelain Wings

Wide eyed she stands tall awaiting the gust
The gust of wind that blows her mind
The whirlwind consumes her whole being
She feels the weight of the world on her wings
Yet the wind carries her with ease, she’s as light as a feather

Her wings glisten under the scorching sun
White as snow she shines
Yet despite her beauty she hides
Raising her wings she shields the windows to her soul
The sun is the mirror of her sensitivity

Her soul bears much more than the eye can see
In the dark you see her finely crafted cracks
Cracks from the pressures of the world
Forcing her into the corner of silence
Where she alone resides, her heart screams but who hears

She longs for the soul who accepts her in the dark
Not the one who only loves her in the light
The one who wants her tears as well as her shine
Little do they know under her wings is her Pandora’s Box
In her teardrop you can see she no longer wants to hide

Whose wings can bear her weakness
In the beauty of her cracked wings you see her scar tissue
Whom can she blame but herself for believing in the hope
She doubts the ability of the masculinity in his wings
Can he truly fly with her?

The ability to penetrate her soul shall surly reveal the light
The test is in her strength to stand in love
Once her light dims and the darkness takes over
Whilst his masculine wings help her to breathe
Does he have the ability to remain?

She can’t keep herself up
Pure white feathers with the weight of the world
She’s falling so fast it’s as though she can taste the ground
The one who pushed her is the same one she wishes would catch her

Does he see her, the true her, flaws and all
Trusting in his wings has the ability to destroy her
She sighs in realisation that he has her heart
She must save herself, she prays her wings to lead her
Whilst she stands, her eyes cry ‘See Me’

As she takes flight her wings say Goodbye
He stands and blesses his Porcelain Wings with Love and Strength
If only she knew…

Ms Tomilola


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