I have an opinion…. You have an opinion….

I have always regarded myself as a woman who has a mind and an opinion. An opinion about the things that matter to me, to the point whereby I have been told that I have a retort for near enough anything and everything. As I have grown in Wisdom and Grace I have realised that despite having an opinion about everything, maturity knows when to express that opinion. There is a saying that you may be familiar with which is ‘it is not everything that you hear that you say’, vice versa it’s not all opinions that need to be shared.

The thing about having an opinion, is that in most situations many people do not want to hear it. Yep that’s right most of your opinions fall on deaf ears and do you know why, because we perceive ourselves to be the experts of our own lives and rightly so. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t listen and then leave room in our minds for improvement. Constructive criticism from those around you (aka your loved ones and inner circle), is an invaluable thing, it means they care. Yes there are some people in this world who just want to be in your business and add their two pence into your life, but learn to filter out those comments. Also if you seek the opinions of others be prepared to hear what you don’t necessarily want to hear. In either situation try this, rather than having a defense just be still, maintain your peace and listen. (God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason).

We are all entitled to our opinions but rather than be offended by the opinion of others, respect it but do not let it override your own. The beauty in this is remembering that you are the expert of your life, nobody knows you better than you know yourself. So remember that the opinions of others are only a fraction of your reality, meaning that people can only comment on what you allow them to see. Knowing this should keep your peace intact as their views are limited to what they know and therefore you can’t fault them if you feel that their opinion is flawed.

Not sharing your opinion should not be seen as shying away from being heard but rather as a sign of strength of knowing when to speak. Grace the world and those who live in it with your silence and your carefully selected words, so that when you speak people will value what it is that you have to say.

 Ms Tomilola


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